How To Design Retro Posters

How To Design Retro Posters

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How to create a retro style typographic poster design, the design we ll be creating is based on the number one it features a typographic design made up of duplicates of the word one to build up a numerical number one symbol the overall design is then composed into a poster and given that cool old school retro appearance with stains textures and distressed elements view the final retro typographic poster design we ll create the main typographic layout in illustrator to make use of the vector abilities to maintain crisp edges. 15 evocative examples of retro poster design creative bloq, take from the latin prefix meaning backwards or in past times the word retro describes anything stylistically inspired by trends of the past retro poster. How to create an ornate vintage poster design in photoshop, what you ll be creatingin this tutorial i will show you how to create a vintage-style poster design complete with ornate typography and illustration we ll look at.

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